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Industry-Leading technology

Personalized Education Group, Inc. (PEG) provides a learning environment which allows us the flexibility to personalize learning for each student through student pacing, course design and ability to track mastery and academic progress. We deliver a highly interactive online teaching and learning environment that provides innovative options focused on improving student achievement.

The ideal platform

Our learning environment is the ideal platform for our Personalized Education Philosophy. It contains a powerful web-based system that’s simple to use with a sharp focus on the individual learner.

Improve student mastery

Improve student mastery of learning goals.

Customized calendars

Customized course calendars and pacing guides to keep students on-track.

Reporting system

An integrated web-based reporting system provides direct access to student progress and performance.


A Gradebook that provides teachers and school administrators with access to all current information for their students and the courses in which they are enrolled.

Communication tools

Advanced communication tools and discussion forums that facilitate student and teacher interaction and collaboration among students.

Secure learning environment

All of the information in our learning environment is secure, and can be configured so that different users have access to different data and functionality.  Access and changes to the learning environment are tracked and logged, and we use advanced data encryption to ensure the data is kept safe.

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