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Empowering Instructors

The Personalized Education Learning Model facilitates designing instruction to allow for students to be at different places at different times, and to learn in a variety of ways. This is accomplished through clear goals, multiple options for learning those goals, followed by multiple options for demonstrating that learning.

Instructors oversee student progress in courses, grade and provide feedback, and provide instructional guidance through lessons. Live online instruction is also available, utilizing an online classroom that includes a virtual whiteboard, webcam and microphone use, desktop sharing, break-out rooms, and other tools to provide instruction equivalent to a site-based classroom. Teachers are also accessible through other means, including email, telephone, and Skype. Students can learn through their strengths in an environment that values the individual and employs mastery-based learning. This leads to greater student motivation, persistence, and overall student success.

Empowering Students

Extra assistance

Learning is competency and mastery-based, allowing for extra time and assistance to master concepts a student finds difficult, while also allowing the student to move quickly through previously-mastered material, and eliminating arbitrary limitations on student progress. Mastery-Based Learning ensures students are learning as they progress through a course.

Become self-cognizant

Students are guided to become self-cognizant, life-long learners prepared not just for today's world but equipped to continue learning for whatever the future holds. Students must gain awareness of their own learning. If they are struggling, empowered students seek additional help or request alternate approaches. They develop strategies for working through challenging learning activities and develop study skills that best align with their learning styles. This self-awareness and skill set is essential for continuing to learn new concepts as the future unfolds.

Personalized Education Coaches

Full-time students also enjoy the benefit of having Personalized Education Coaches (PECs). PECs empower and "take care of the whole student" by serving as mentors and advocates, guiding the student toward academic success and graduation.

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