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High School Course Offerings

High School Course Offerings: At a Glance

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MATH12010 General Math
MATH12020 Pre-Algebra
MATH12110 Algebra I
MATH12210 Geometry
MATH12310 Algebra II
MATH12400 Pre-Calculus
MATH12410 Calculus
MATH12511 Trigonometry

ENG11110 English I
ENG11210 English II
ENG11310 English III
ENG11410 English IV
ENG11011 Elements of Grammar
ENG11113 Expository Composition
ENG11114 Responding to Literature
ENG11213 World Literature
ENG11313 American Literature
ENG11413 British Literature
ENG11511 Cinema as Literature
ENG11414 Technical Writing
ENG11214 Art of Argument
ENG11551 Introduction to Speech
ENG11001 Effective Communication
ENG11591 Exploring Myths & Legends
ENG11531 Journalism, Introduction to
ENG11541 Shakespeare: The Comedies
ENG11542 Shakespeare: The Tragedies
ENG11561 Survey of Poetry
ENG11521 Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction
ENG11525 Writing for Publication

VAPA16511 Cinema as Literature

SOC13001 State Studies
SOC13110 World Geography
SOC13120 Current World Issues & Politics
SOC13210 U.S. History
SOC13310 World History
SOC13410 Civics
SOC13411 American Government
SOC13412 Principles of Economics
SOC13541 Psychology, Introduction to
SOC13542 Psychology, Abnormal
SOC13551 Sociology, Introduction
SOC13571 Introduction to Classical Philosophy
SOC13561 Survey of Religions

SCI14010 Earth Science
SCI14020 Physical Science
SCI14210 Biology
SCI14310 Chemistry
SCI14410 Physics
SCI14540 Astronomy
SCI14550 Environmental Science
SCI14560 Forensic Science

REL10122 Eastern Faiths & Philosophies
ENG11591 Exploring Myths & Legends
REL10002 Game Plan for Life
SOC13571 Introduction to Classical Philosophy
REL10121 Middle Eastern Religions
REL10141 Native American Spirituality
REL10131 Readings in Metaphysical Literature
REL10101 Survey of Religion
REL10151 Unitarian Universalism
REL10001 WWJD: Morality & Ethics in Society Today

WLNG15110 Chinese I
WLNG15120 Chinese II
WLNG15130 Chinese III
WLNG15210 French I
WLNG15220 French II
WLNG15230 French III
WLNG15240 French IV
WLGN15250 French V
WLNG15310 German I
WLNG15320 German II
WLNG15330 German III
WLNG15340 German IV
WLNG15410 Greek I
WLNG15420 Greek II
WLNG15430 Greek III
WLNG15510 Italian I
WLNG15520 Italian II
WLNG15530 Italian III
WLNG15540 Italian IV
WLNG15610 Japanese I
WLNG15620 Japanese II
WLNG15630 Japanese III
WLNG15710 Latin I
WLNG15720 Latin II
WLNG15730 Latin III
WLNG15810 Russian I
WLNG15820 Russian II
WLNG15830 Russian III
WLNG15910 Spanish I
WLNG15920 Spanish II
WLNG15930 Spanish III
WLNG15940 Spanish IV
WLNG15950 Spanish V
WLNG15915 Swedish I
WLNG15925 Swedish II
WLNG15935 Swedish III

OCC18411 Accounting
OCC18151 Applied Leadership
OCC18412 Business, Introduction to
OCC18401 Career Planning
OCC18321 Childhood Development
OCC18111 Computer Fundamentals
OCC18211 Culinary Arts
OCC18541 Digital Video Production
OCC18220 Fashion Design
OCC18521 Game Design, Introduction
OCC18320 Interior Design
OCC18110 Keyboarding
OCC18101 Life Skills
OCC18420 Personal Finance
OCC18550 Presenting with Technology
OCC18510 Web Design

HPE17000 Health
HPE17010 Holistic Health
HPE17020 Nutrition & Wellness

ACT18131 ACT Test Prep
SAT18132 SAT Test Prep

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